It had been suggested many times that the best way to steal the CalTechCannon without moving it would be to establish an embassy around it, thus claiming it as sovereign territory of HarveyMuddCollege. During finals week of Spring 05 a group of students led by LoriThomas and others, decided to follow through on this prank. We went with crackers, cheese, sparkling cider and a table of brochures for any CalTech? students looking to emigrate. LoriThomas was declared to be the official ambassador, she even had a nametag! RichardGarfinkel gave tours of the embassy every half hour, calling attention to our cannon of course. We had blow-up swords and shields for the official guards, and these came in hand when the CalTech? students questioned our authority. At one point they brought over a second cannon and were making very threatening postures, but ambassador Lori managed to talk them down. The day ended with In 'n Out burgers and strawberry doughnuts from DoughnutMan for all!

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