Cha					          English

   By inspection				My hand is starting to cramp up

   Can I erase this now?			Iíll be erasing this now

   Back when I was...				Have I mentioned Iím smarter than you?

   Iíd like to save this part of the diagram	I forgot which side of the eraser to use

   Using the product rule for differentiation	Using Maple

   Letís consider the following			Dammit, this lecture is still too short

   Potato					Set of particles, fixed W.R.T. each other

   French guy					díAlembert

   Boom! Itís done!				Iím tired of working on this problem

   Letís assume we donít have the special case	I donít want to admit Iím wrong

   Anyways					Shut up, Craig

See also: EnglishToCha

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