The first computer SCIENCE course (as opposed to CS5, which is a programming course). Well, they did change CS5 around quite a bit in 2006, but somebody who's actually involved in it would be more qualified to comment than I. It was certainly true my frosh year, from what I picked up.

Modified in 2006-2007 along with CS5 such that both classes share the same general structure, with one functional module (Rex in 60), one imperative/object-oriented module (Java), one low-level (assembly, DFAs) module, and one "other" module (Prolog).

Often cotaught by ProfessorRan + ProfessorDodds. For the ULTIMATE win. Except now it's taught by ProfessorAlvarado.

Also sometimes cotaught by ProfessorDodds and ProfessorKeller.


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