All single with mods listed in the appropriate column. Also, all difficulties are heavy unless noted.

Song Feet - Score (Grade) Mods Comments
Butterfly 5 - 49,091,969 (AAA) Note Yes, I'm listing a 5-footer. I AAA'd it, though, so it's going on the list. So there.
Sandstorm 8 - 78,829,788 (AAA) My first AAA on a heavy song!
era (nostalmix) 8 - 78,275,516 (AA) 4 Greats.
B4U glorious style 9 (L) - 173,414,419 (AA) Note Full combo'd. 25 greats.
BRE\-/K DOWN! 9 - 88,107,576 (AA) Note *ONE* "Great"! Grrrrr.....
My Summer Love 9 - 87,352,254 (AA) Also, one bastardly Great.
Healing Vision - Angelic Mix 9 - 88,488,728 (AA) 4 Greats. Yes, that's right--SDG on HVAM!
PARANOiA KCET (clean mix) 9 - 89,024,477 (AAA) Repeatable, too!
bag 10 - 94,408,209 (AA) Kablam. 2 away from the full combo.
Max 300 10 - 94,200,490 (AA) 1 away from full combo.
Max. (period) (Heavy) 10 - 82,846,573 (A) Okay, I 0wnz0r? the Challenge mode, but this one still needs some work.
Max. (period) (Challenge) 10 - 91,562,750 (AA) Fuck yeah! 2 Goods and 1 Boo away from the full combo!
Maxx Unlimited 10 - 91,174,650 (AA) Note Got it. 8 away from the full combo.
PARANOiA -Respect- 10 - 87,918,316 (A) Note Those irrelevant holds at the end are still annoying, but I'm getting the hang of them.
PARANOiA Survivor 10 - 89,023,688 (A) Note Finally, a good PARANOiA score.
PARANOiA Survivor Max (Heavy) 10 - 74,518,027 (B) Few PARANOiA scores continue to suck, but these do.
PARANOiA Survivor Max (Challenge) 10 - 70,309,803 (B) Note "
Quasar (Heavy) 10 - 80,721,755 (B) Note, C400 Consistently getting Bs now.
Sakura 10 - 93,996,585 (AA) Note Pulled off the full combo, but *didn't* set a new high score (93.8 and change).
The Legend of Max 10 - 86,153,162 (A) My 10-footers still need some work, but they've improved. Now they're mostly all A or better.
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 10 - 95,446,454 (AA) Note Full combo'd. Also, 89,743,879 and AA at 1.5x music speed. w00t.
It's A Small World (Ducking Hardcore Mix) 10 - 95,879,194 (AA) Note Full combo'd.
Max Eternity 10 - 73,023,932 (B) Note Yeah, still a crappy score, but I sight-read it the first time. So there.
MaxX Enigma 10 - 73,089,541 (B) Note Again, crappy score, but initially sight-read.
Drop Out 300 10 - 74,303,326 (B) Note More BMR fun.
Outer Limits 10 - 85,256,341 (A) Note Sight-read.
Classic Party Triathlon 10 (L) - 152,201,581 (B) Note Fun song--one of my favorites of the BMR ones.
Tourniquet 9 - 86,312,544 (AA) Note Full combo'd. Also, first "AA"d BMR song, plus it's Evanescence, so it's inherently badass.

This section is for "extra stage" high scores. The mods are 1.5x, dark, reverse, no recover. No note arrows on these, either.

Song Feet - Score (Grade) Comments
bag 10 - 83,548,196 (A) Nothing really to say here.
It's A Small World (Ducking Hardcore Mix) 10 - 94,871,556 (AA) 2 shy of a full combo.
Max 300 10 - 84,287,650 (A) *FINALLY*
Outer Limits 10 - 72,131,419 (B) Just barely pulled this one off.....
PARANOiA Survivor 10 - 64,851,155 (C) Dude.
Sakura 10 - 93,565,940 (AA) Sometimes unlocking "Another Extra Stage"
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 10 - 90,880,064 (AA) Full combo'd.
Tourniquet 9 - 84,554,331 (AA) Like I said, I can AA this. =o]

This section is for "one more extra stage" high scores. The mods are 1.5x, dark, reverse, sudden death. No note arrows on these, either. The song is chosen randomly from the same group as your "extra stage" song.

Song Feet - Score (Grade) Comments
Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version) 8 - 76,923,134 (AA) Sight-read, too. Man, those Disney songs are easier than most.

(template ganked from ChrisErickson/StepMania and JulieWortman/StepMania.)

This section is for difficult Oni courses I've beaten. I almost always set it to 10 lives, but I'll list how many I could've passed it in, given the successful run.

Songs by 2MB: 6:16.97

88.2% complete, would've passed with 5 lives. Full combo'd the first three songs (over 1200 combo, not including "Great"s) and didn't miss any of the 600 BPM section of Max., either.

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