A fedorable CaseBear? who needs to learn that he is a BeAr. Occasionally found sleeping in EastLounge, Galileo, Platt, and other public BeArs.

The prevailing BeAr is that he is perpetually sexiled.

An okay SettlersOfCatan player, he enjoys 4am games with any of these people: EricStucky, MaggieLiu, BeArs, JustinBai, SuzyKim, and AkbarShebaz?.

Is not the creator of the BeAr game CutUpStuckysBodyIntoLittlePiecesAndReassembleItSoWeCanBeAsHuggableAsHeIs, as it is a storied BeAr with BeArs.

Co-BeAr of Tape Theory, along with MaxFrenkel?.

Has devised a number of incredibly clever, well-designed games and game variants:


Matter is made of tiny vibrating pieces of tape.

I went to YumYum?'s once, and I didn't look left.

So that's why ants taste like lemonade.

Is it the pelt of a cat? (His answer: Catapult)

Is it a cat?

Is it a cat?

All bad guys are weak to penis-type attacks.

I sharpen my dick daily.

We hug like Gorbachev and Reagan would hug if their hands were nukes and their faces were the others' respective countries.


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