DormOssifer who runs the EastTreasury and has quarters for sale. For doing laundry. (Laundering clothes, of course. The DormTreasurer would never launder money.) Because you'd never spend all your quarters on soda and games. Of course not.

Also in charge of dorm funds. But you all know the quarters are the important thing.

Past and Present DormTreasurers:

2000-2003 BrieFinger?

2003-2004 MichaelVrable

2004-2005 EliBogart

2005-2006 AndrewDanowitz?

2006-2007 MichaelBraly

2007-2008 JayMarkello

2008-2010 JamesBrown

2010-2011 SabreenLakhani

2011-2013 LaurenNishizaki

2013-2014 JenniferRogers

2014-2015 RachelONeill

2015-2016 MarinaKnittel, QuentinBarth

2016-2017 SarahHale, MaggieGelber, KateWoolverton

2017-2018 EvanAmason, SarahHale, MaryClareShen

2018-2019 EvanAmason, MaryClareShen, MacallanPenberthy, SydneyTowell

2019-2020 SydneyTowell, KyraClark, FionnaKopp

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