A comedy about two guys that wake up and can't remember what happened the day before. They find out that it involved trashing their girlfriends' house, huge amounts of pudding, and aliens... They have to save the world, stop being stalked by alien nerd cults, and get back their girlfriends by the end of the movie. Many references to hot chicks and breasts are made in the process. With this description, where could you go wrong?

KimEspinoza: Alright, so I was in the mood for a stupid movie and I saw this one. But guess what, it gave me exactly what I needed! Not only was it stupid, it was funny. I love these guys. Plus, it has some hot, gratuitous guy on guy action. If you are in the mood for a stupid movie, I totally recommend this one, dude.

AlexBobbs: I saw this because my little brother rented it. For an immature teen comedy it was pretty funny, and the way it plays off the premise (basically, two guys get wasted at a party and can't remember anything about the previous night) was cute. It had some good running gags and a few hillarious parts. Also, the parts that were crude were tame enough that they didn't disturb me. So yeah, it's dumb, but it's funny if you're in a silly mood. I was.

DanCicio: Even though I normally love movies like this, I was reticent to watch it as it seemed like it would be even dumber than I could handle (and *that's* a scary thought). I was very wrong. It was the quintessential stupid comedy and I laughed non-stop throughout the whole movie. It was very amusing watching them try to figure out the events of the previous day, step by step, because they're having a huge impact on their lives. Plus, I have to love a movie where the main characters wake up to find their fridge and cupboards filled with pudding packs.


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