Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children follows the story of Final Fantasy VII. It is several years after the FinalBattle? and the Planet still has not fully healed from the scars left by Jenova. The world is in tatters and people live in bleakness, consumed by a mysterious disease called geostigma. Jenova's presence manifests itself once again in the form of three silver haired men with exceptional physical abilities who begin to kidnap children. They are trying to start another Reunion, which Cloud and company must try to stop.

Competely animated using CG, Advent Children is similar to The Spirits Within but looks a lot better. Most of the characters are reintroduced and this movie is much more action based. Unfortunately it will not be released for the big screen.

Produced by: SquareSoft
Release Date: April 25, 2006

Quick Review: A fun film, and very faithful to the game, but I wouldn't call it quality cinema. It's definitely nice-looking, exciting, and the story is more or less an excuse to re-play everyone's favorite memories of FinalFantasySeven. There are some amazing action scenes here if you don't mind absolutely absurd videogame/anime physics. Unfortunately, the writing and acting are not up to par with the visuals, but if you're looking for some mindless fun that shouldn't matter. -- AlexBobbs

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