This game is Crack, pure and simple. I got the demo from a link off of PvP? and it's been sucking all of my non-TheSis, non-Sims time recently. Well, that and the sleeping and the eating and the gnai, but you get the idea. The basic premise is best described by the website http://www.spidweb.com/geneforge/index.html and it's really really really fun. This is one of the few demos that I am seriously considering buying the full game, and that's mainly because I've gone through all of the available areas with all of the characters, and I really want to keep playing. This a shot of the world map, but you only get to explore the forest area in the demo:

Meh. Back to TheSis. -AnneMarra

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Last edited April 17, 2002 4:20 (diff)