"Let me tell you a story about James Cameron Rose..." --Justin Radick.

James Cameron Rose: The Man, The Myth, the Legend

Long ago, before seniors were frosh, a young man resembling a Norse god entered HarveyMuddCollege as a freshman. Some two years and many hilarious anecdotes, some of which may someday grace this page, later, he decided he was profoundly miserable here, and decided to take a leave of absence (for which, gentle reader, I say "More power to him," as far too many HarveyMudders? spend entirely too much time bitching and moaning about how unhappy they are here, but few if any have the balls or ovaries to leave, if things are truly that bad... but I digress.)

Anyway, Cameron went to the Bay Area to seek his fortunes, worked for awhile doing biology lab technician stuff and once surprising many by a return visit to campus. Then no one heard from him for a few months, until The Email came.

Cameron had enlisted in the Marines.

Needless to say, this came as a shock to just about everyone who knew Cameron. Responses varied from incredulity to mourning (his beautiful hair would have to be cut) and hilarity. But he wasn't kidding. So Cameron went to boot camp.

Months later, PFC James Cameron Rose graduated from bootcamp as a marksman, and several of his friends went down to see him do so. At this time, it turned out that Cameron had actually enjoyed boot camp, had the time of his life really, to the point of triggering exchanges like this:

  Drill Sergeant:  Recruit!  Why you always got that shit-eatin' grin on your face?

  PFC Cameron:  Sir!  Because life is beautiful, sir, even in boot camp!

  D. Sgt:  You must be one of them poetry types, recruit.

  PFCC:  Sir!  Yes, sir!

  D. Sgt:  Recite me some poetry, recruit!

  PFCC:  Recites something from Shakespeare, perhaps Macbeth, but maybe Mercutio's Queen Mab speech from Romeo and Juliet; I forget which.

  D. Sgt (interrupting): Shut up, recruit.  I want you to write me a poem about an AK-47.

And Cameron did, and recited it for his drill sergeant the next day.


or not, apparently.....

Oh, ye of little faith.

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