Class of December 2017 // Atwood (third floor East) -> Second Floor East w/ YvonneBan -> Second Floor East w/ YvonneBan -> Drinkward (third floor East)

EDC 2016/2017 with JohnLittle

More Good than EvanHubinger

Provided gin and nice shot glasses to EastLounge during the Trumpening.

Creator of OneNight Julia's Variant: Villager, Vampire, Werewolf, Copycat, Cupid, Assassin, Tanner, Apprentice Assassin, Drunk.

Frequent lurker in TimeSuckXIX

Participant in the Orion and Cliffs RPG campaigns

Writes songs about STEMS, like ZoeTucker.

Mildly dabes at best, by her admission. By a secret admirer's admission, is EXTREMEZ dabes. Apparently "dabes" is something MaxHlavacek says a lot.

Linguistics/CS double major. That's a lot of majors. May or may not be a linguistics disciple of EmmaManning.

Homestuck daughter of MaryEliseElam.

You can follow her on tumblr: http://beansprouts.tumblr.com/

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