Personal collection of Math books. Alphabetical order... (see KLMathLibrarySubj for listing by subject.)


McClellan??; Schafer; Yoder. DSP First Turing, Automata, Machine Theory...

Turing, A.M. Turing's Ace Report of 1946 (and other papers). ('Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing'). 1986. (at home) Nelson, R.J. Introduction to Automata. 1968. (at home?) Ginsburg, Seymour. An Introduction To Mathematical Machine Theory. 1962. Prob, Stat, Queues, Algoriths (which really belongs somewhere else), Other Math,...

Nelson, Edward. Radically Elementary Probability Theory. 1987. Chaitin, G.J. Algorithmic Information Theory. 1987. Becker, Martin. The Principles and Applications of Variational Methods. 1964. Bartlett, M.S. The Statistical Analysis of Spatial Pattern. 1975. Studies in Statistics Khintchine, A.Y. Mathematical Methods in the Theory of Queueing. 1969. Applications: Physics etc

Stakgold. Boundary Value Problems of Mathematical Physics. Volume I. 1967. Becker, Robert. Introduction to Theoretical Mechanics. 1954. Jackson, John David. Mathematics for Quantum Mechanics. 1962. Coulson, Charles. Waves. 1955. Rutherford, D.E. Fluid Dynamics. 1959. Wilcox, Calvin.Scattering Theory for Diffraction Gratings. 1984. Smith, Donald. Singular Perturbation Theory: An Introduction with Applications. 1985. Methods in Computational Physics: Volume 13: Geophysics. 1973. Meta Math Books

Ogilvy, C. Stanley. Tomorrow's Math: unsolved problems for the amateur. 1972. Lynn Arthur Steen, Editor. Two-Year College Mathematics Library Recommendations. 1992.

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