This page used to have a lot of Kim's crazy stories, but she took them off because she became more insane than her words. She's going to put them back eventually.

Sept 26, 2000

hello, comrades. you are not the nameless on the street. i remember your faces. you have caused me great pain and great happiness. you get to know too many people and it can be overwhelming. we choose to make sacrifices against ourselves to do what we believe is right. we vary on which things we will decide to sacrifice ourselves for. sometimes we vary from others, sometimes we vary from other versions of ourselves. it's amazing how one can love so many people and still be alone. oh, even being loved by the world... it is not enough. some of us have a god to turn to. some of us have no such thing. some of us forget what we have. our minds are too big for our own good.

maybe if we knew how to use them properly... but under whose definition of proper? awake again. it's time for a rest. and where am i without my opiate?

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