All the rumors about LOTR (and Silmarillion) characters you wish you'd never heard.

Now with three rumor generators to choose from!

http://www.willworker.net/~sithjawa/ (the IP of willworker, since the DNS keeps sucking it)

Put the best (worst?) quotes here:

"Eru Iluvatar has fallen into shadow!" (that's all bad)

"Melian betrayed Melian's treacherous ally, Melian!"

"''a company of Dwarves was 'imprisoned in a barrow' with Grip, Farmer Maggot's Dog!' said some entwife!' said some wood elf!"

"Faramir slew Faramir!"

"'Balin, Lord of Moria will kill Durin if they try anything,' thought some dark elf's heir! With a battleaxe!"

"Elros is secretly the heir of Earendil!" (worst-kept secret ever!)

"'Denethor will kill me if I try anything,' thought Faramir!"

"some half-elf is going to inherit a Silmaril!"

"Eowyn has forsaken immortality for a mortal life with Arwen! With a battleaxe!"

"Quickbeam was 'trapped' in a tree with Arathorn!"

"Gollum the entire population of Rivendell!"

"some entwife has forsaken immortality for a mortal life with some entwife!"

"Frodo Baggins Grima Wormtongue!"

"Smeagol Turambar!"

"Melkor betrayed their treacherous ally, Manw!"

'Oh no,' thought Farmer Maggot, ''Oh no,' thought Smaug, 'Nienor 'found' Sam's clothing 'on the remains of Sam!'!'!'

"The White Tree of the Black Gate of Mordor!"

"Arwen traveled the 'Straight Road' with Melian's heir!"

"Morgoth has fallen into shadow!"

"everyone had a Ring of Power delivered to their back door!"

"'Boromir serves only one master: the entire population of Ithilien (and they do not share power!)' cried some Ranger!"

"Merry has fallen into shadow! With a flamethrower!" (after all, the Shadow is but a passing thing...)

'Morgoth will kill me if I try anything,' thought Ungoliant!

"After fighting Earendil, Gandalf the Blue became Gandalf the Black!"

Dang it, willworker.net keeps going down like YourMom. Someone yell at PomonaSteve. Or whoever's responsible. Or just PomonaSteve.

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