The best class at Mudd.

An independent study taught by ProfessorKarp in Spring 2020, taken by LilyFriedberg (Secretary of Projective Spaces), HaviEllers (Secretary of Secretaries), JawaharMadan (Secretary of Deriving Results that are in the Text), and CameronGray (Secretary of Induction).

Quotes, recorded by Havi:

I feel like we keep almost writing the proof of this. – Lily; That’s kind of what we do. – Jawahar

Because then we can multiply anything by a number. – Lily

What makes things less isomorphic: adding brackets or multiplying by a scalar? – Jawahar

It’s only one line away from being physics garbage. – Lily

It’s not a brain day huh? – Lily

There’s nothing like diagonalizability to make you feel like you have no brain cells. – Jawahar

I seem to recall Cameron being in charge of induction. – Lily

Free group of whales. – Cameron

It’s only as fucked up as octonions. – Jawahar

If you ladder your ladder operator enough times you reach the top of the ladder. – Cameron

Dunkin Diagrams – probably Lily?

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