Marissa's Game:

Created by MarissaQuitt around RoomDraw time, 2006, when people wouldn't stop talking about RoomDraw.


While playing Marissa's Game, if you think about RoomDraw, you lose Marissa's Game, and have to announce it. This will cause you to lose TheGame as well, unless you're Marissa, who has the amazing ability to say anything up to and including "I just lost the game" without actually thinking about TheGame.

Has since caused AdamField to lose TheGame whenever people start wanking about RoomDraw, whether or not anyone has lost Marissa's Game - RoomDraw also has become associated with ZarDoz?, for the same reason.

It should be noted that MartinPyne has the ability to induce a loss of Marissa's Game on anybody near him that's playing it.

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