Marz is a FrOsh!!!!!

Clearly the superior frosh. Give her all the biscuits. AvalonFeiler's favourite frorsh (shhhh)

Marz is technically a Barbecue Baron, but Im not sure if shes even been to a single barbecue...

Somehow both the most edgiest and wholesomest of the frosh at same.

follow __xXPu$$y[D3str0y3rXx ]? on insta ! ! !

For FroshPrank 2018, Marz's room was turned into CornPorn?, a new prank idea executed by CarolineTandrup? and AthenaLi?. Her room was literally plastered with "corn pornography" and 5 corns on the cob wearing bikinis or condoms full of lotion were hidden throughout the room (but I told her there were 6 and she couldn't find the 6th one lol).


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