It's big. And wordiful. It shall be the final authority on all words here, for fear of DivineRetribution?. And by DivineRetribution?, I mean I'll smack you upside the head with it. And it's pretty freakin' big.

The reason that it is massive massive instead of just massive is because of the periphinalia: English-French/Spanish/Italian/German Dictionaries, huge atlas, list of the biggest of every geographical formation ever, the charter of the UN, the US constitution, a comprehensive list of any symbol you can think of, and five foreign alphabets and the Indo-European language tree on the inside covers.

And yes, all words here really are in a physical, paper dictionary of one(1) volume.

Words yet found: i question whether this is a cromulent use of 'yet'.

(This came about when I was looking up my own name, which also happens to be three different towns in the United States -LoganGordon)
An AnaGrams for my name is Lorgnon-Go Ad... yeah... (-LoganGordon)
In Discrete, we were given Euler's Totient Function. Prof. Bernoff told us he used the word totient in a Scrabble Game (and was challenged and won), but didn't know what it meant. Apparently, this is the only place it is used. It comes from the Latin word totiens, which is modelled after the word quotient.

I will update the list with each entertaining use. Expect many, but later on. -L5

See also WeaponsGradeDictionary? ?

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