A RolePlaying quote from the SagaOfClivesdale

"Where am I? Last I recall, I was in the forest north of Weston."

"Wow . . . you're about sixty mi-- wait, does this campaign use miles?"

"Are you kidding? This is Nick's world! He probably has some obscure, horrible distance unit that drives us all nuts."

"Sir, you're about sixty Caladanian Standard Distance Units from where you last were . . ."

NickJohnson, DM (exasperated): It's miles, fuckers!

"Thanks, Nick! Sir, you're about sixty Miles Phaekers from where you last were . . ."

It has since been proposed that the Miles-Phaeker, (or the equivalent uncouth form) is equal to the distance traveled multiplied by the number of travelers. Go figure . . .

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