A surrealist dark comedy about a cartoonist whose body is taken over by his own creation.

AlexBobbs : It's hard for me to rate this movie because it was so weird and weird in a lot of ways that I wasn't really comfortable with. Through the first 20 minutes or so I thought it was a horrible movie, but once the plot got moving, I could see that an interesting story was actually going to evolve , and it did. I'm still not sure if I liked this movie or not, but it was an interesting experience. Like I said before, the plot is actually interesting (and very original), though it takes its time in coming. The visuals are also very well-done and creative. The characters, however, were mostly under-developed or just plain annoying (the title character, who acts like a horny Jar-Jar Binks, fufills the annoying part), and I think, in the end, for all the originality and weirdness that went into the visuals and story, it wound up just being weirdness for weirdness sake.


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