Instructions to connect: http://monolith.st.hmc.edu/ (limited to 134.173.* IPs)

Has much (22 TB) content. Needs more content (14 TB left).

From Storage/info:

 Short Version:


 The purpose of this server is sharing and censorship resistance.
 We have never censored content by request.

 Long Version:

 Content herein has been added by community members since the inception of this server. It is here for the benefit of the community. Use it well.

 As should be obvious, this server was built with the intent of freely sharing information. Though most early administrators have largely moved on, every administrator continues to believe strongly in freedom of information (possibly moreso than at the outset).

 Any removal or restriction of content for the sake of preventing that content from being shared is a form of censorship.
 Any legitimate argument for censorship must be firmly grounded in real harm caused to others.
 In the operation of this server, the administrators do not consider censorship laws based on the concepts of conpyright, patent, etc. to be unethical restrictions of free speech. The only harm caused in and of itself by the contravention of those laws is abridging the "right" of censorship --- the "right" of exclusive communication on the censoring party's terms.

 There are naturally more thorough expositions of this ethic, however it seems worthwhile to mention here, since takedown requests for individual files have been received in the past from individuals. Don't bother.

How to access monolith

Copied from http://monolith.st.hmc.edu/

All of this is only available from a 134.173.* IP (Claremont Colleges). Using the Claremont Colleges VPN (https://vpn.claremont.edu/) should work.


Read-only access is available via HTTP. Follow the links in the HTTP section of



Read/write access is available over SMB, so long as you're ethernet or Claremont-WPA.


Read/write access should also be available over WebDAV from any claremont colleges IP, although it doesn't work very well. In theory, upload should be writable, although in practice that doesn't seem to work very well. If possible, use SMB instead. Currently the only reason to use WebDAV is to stream things on Windows 10, as SMB is better on all other OSes and writing doesn't work yet on Windows.

Connect to http://monolith.st.hmc.edu/storage or http://monolith.st.hmc.edu/upload

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