In a world called "Monstropolis", a company called "Monsters, Inc." provides power to the monster world by scaring children in the human world and collecting their emotive energy. However, this is hard work for the scarers, since monsters are as afraid of the strange-looking things in the human world as the children are of them. One day, a toddler girl ventures into Monstropolis and follows one of the scarers home...

AlexBobbs loved this movie. While not as laugh-out-loud funny as the ToyStory? movies, it was a very cute and witty movie that made me feel like a little kid again. Pixar's vibrant animation really shines here; I was particularily impressed with the animation on "Sully" (a very shaggy monster), the chameleon guy, and the snowstorm in the Himalayas chapter. The story could have done a bit more, but what it did it did very well, especially at the end, with a climatic chase through an automated warehouse filled with trans-dimensional portals.

KimEspinoza's mommy and daddy really like this movie. They always say that the little girl in the movie looks just me and my sister when we were little. They're like "you talked just like that! jibberish!"


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