Also known as RUSTO! Not to be confused with The Amazing Renzo!

The plaque dedicating the umm unique sculpture in front of PlattCampusCenter? refers proudly to Motion Shield's indestructible metallic alloy and its corrosion-resistant properties. Thinking this a bit self-satisfied, the bold Mudders of yore prepared a special treatment for the arrogant statue. The process may or may not have involved: ketchup, tin foil, rainwater, bologna slices, lemon juice, or various other rumored ingredients. We know for certain only that Motion Shield has been called Rusto ever since.

This apparently was not the end of Rusto's pranking days. According to an old Usenet post,

 "Harvey Mudd College's ugly sculpture 'Rusto the Ant God' (proper
  name something like 'Motion Shield') wandered about a bit.  After
  the authorities moved it from its first new home and back to the
  Student Union, the counter-authorities installed it into concrete
  in front of the Administration building.  Apparently a case of
  'you bought it, *you* stare at it all day.'"
  -- Scott Hazen Mueller (scott@zorch.sf-bay.org)

As a final insult, sometime in 1999 the FacilitiesAndMaintenance? crews planted pansies around Rusto's base. These provide a stark contrast to the injured statue's attempt to appear macho and industrial.

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