Possibly my favorite band. I might even argue that they are the most talented group I've ever heard... if I thought that it was a legitimately arguable subject to declare for any band. They are proud Canadians (who would have thought that something good would have come out of there *shrug*) and consist of Mike Ford, Murray Foster, Jean (pronounced Gee-on) Ghomeshi, and Dave Matheson. I'd mention what each one plays, but they all seem to play eveything. They also all sing. They have quite a few excellent a capella songs, but they also have many other songs. I wouldn't know how to classify them except for cool. If you're interested in listening to any, just ask somebody in East... many people have some. I (NateCappallo) own three of their albums (Wood, Video Bargainville and the b Album) and many people (especially KurtDresner) have these and other mp3's. Some of their more popular singles include:

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