A NOTE TO ConorMcNassar: The following Wiki Page be hazardous to your psychological well-being. It is my suggestion that you disregard it, and retain your sanity and good faith toward man (myself in particular).

At last I've found the will, Will! --CM

This one had its origins at EastiEr? 2002, as I opined about my current implement of egg defacement. The words came together surprisingly quickly, both at that time and when I finished it over the following summer.

Here, then, to the tune of David Bowie's Nature Boy:

 There was a crayon,
 A very sharp, intensive crayon.
 They say it colored very hard,
 Very hard,
 Bright and clear to see . . .
 A little child drew curliques
 And quite amused
 Was he.

 And then one day,
 One tragic day, it's tossed away.
 Then it's fate became depraved,
 To the infant's glee.
 The greatest thing he had to learn:
 You bust your toys,
 And your toys don't . . . return

More proof from WillShipley that parody is the sincerest form of flattery.

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