As the name implies, this involves playing through FinalFantasyTactics without fighting any random battles (generally by using the game's software reset whenever one is encountered). This eliminates most of the opportunities for cheesy party build-up to occur. Some random thoughts (secondary comments by EvilSouthie, who is currently running through this challenge):

AndrewSchoonmaker notes that his standard strategy for the game has been to make Ramza a fighter of sorts (just so he can turn into a Ninja for the Velius fight), have one Priest->Mediator->Chemist character for healing and mediation (with an elemental gun, she's usually a force to be reckoned with), and two Thief->Lancer characters (one of each gender), since Steal Heart is *entirely* too useful (DYN: Celia and Lede can be Charmed during the fight inside Limberry Castle). For a fifth character... well, it's been too long since he tried this with a five-character party. Putting in a plot character sounds like a reasonable choice.
There are other good challenge schemas for FFT, as well; they may as well be housed here until they are more fleshed-out.

One of these sets of challenges involves mandated character classes for some or all of the characters which must be used in the party. As a first approximation, allowing free rein on character class in Chapter 1, then changing prior to the first battle in chapter 2 would seem to be a reasonable restriction (combined with a note that characters must be no higher than Lv.10 by the beginning of Ch.2, so as not to allow *too many* out-of-job abilities). Disallowing all out-of-class abilities would seem to be out of the spirit of the game (especially as new ones can be learned later, via crystals)... Thoughts? (from those who have a reasonable feel for the game?)


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