OAngband 0.7.0 now released! Yay!

Download [here.]

New stuff, new stuff--changes to specialty abilities, bug fixes, some changes to spells, other useful patches. Fake artifacts!

 Suggested Race/Class? Combinations: 

I'm guessing the Maiar now aren't even intended to be balanced?

I don't think they ever were, to be honest. I recall Leon Marrick (original author; don't know if he's still in charge) calling them a trainer race, for newbies.

The current maintainer is Bahman Rabii (since 0.5.0, released in 2000). Leon was maintaining SAngBand, but seems to have disappeared again. And Maiar were never intended to be balanced (which is why they have a penalty to score).

Maiar have better than High Elf stats and hitdice and skills, with no xp penalty. They're definately for learning. And Leon has reappeared and made many changes to SAngBand

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