Paris On The Platte. little coffee shop in LoDo?, at 15th and platte. dimly lit, brick walls, random art for sale on the walls. packed with tables. and usually people. loud punk/metal/industrial music playing in the front room. bookstore in the back room. quieter room between, people talking, playing chess, etc. formerly a home for denver counterculture types, unfortunately become much yuppier of late. all the graffiti in the bathrooms was removed. so many good quotes, such interesting commentary on those walls, gone. but still a very cool place to hang out.

"many good quotes, such interesting commentary on those walls", could you describe some you remember? I like graffiti, it's often cool and much more interesting than a blank wall. It pisses me off when people paint over it. There used to be this really neat bridge near my house that had years of accumulated artwork on it, and some local high school rats painted over it with boring white paint. argh! -- Zeckel

don't remember any of it, i'm afraid. nothing really deep and powerful, but some interesting comments about life. after a few nights ago, however, there is one comment on the wall. "A disruption in communication can mean only one thing - invasion". It's a quote from the phantom menace. Justin put it there, in response to the yuppie invasion of that part of town.

closes at 1 sun-thurs, 3 fri and sat.

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