This is a DungeonsAndDragons ComputerRPG that appears to use the same engine as Baldur's Gate.

Description NeedsRewriting. Also, some OTHER reviews would help, particularly by someone who's not as completely incompetent as I am. -SeleneTan


I like to think I've given this game a fair shot (upwards of 15 hours spent on it total), and I've decided I don't like it enough to finish it. I haven't played the Baldur's Gate games, or Icewind Dale, or NeverwinterNights?, so I can't compare them. Basically... It's a cool concept that you can get a crapload of XP by interacting with people in the right way, if you have a high enough Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. And the makers want you to play the game this way, too; fights don't give you anywhere near as much XP. The problem is that I keep getting stuck. I can't figure out how to complete some particular quest - say, I can't find the required person or location - and then I keep getting killed by monsters in the way that give me crap XP, and I'm not advancing in any quests so I'm not getting any XP from there, so I just run around getting killed repeatedly. There's not much penalty for being killed, other than having to walk back to where you were, but sometimes that's an issue. I'm currently stuck under Sigil because there are mobs of aggressive people between me and Sigil. And I'm stuck looking for a way into some catacombs because all the doors I can find to it are locked and I can't pry them open. You know how LONG I've been in this situation?! There's probably some non-violent solution, but I can't find it.

Er. My point in all of this? It's too hard for me to figure things out, and it's too easy to become stuck for a long time because I've chosen the wrong dialogue option. Sure, I could save before you talk to anyone, but that gets really tiresome.

Maybe I'm just ranting because I've been stuck in these catacombs for a second 3-hour session...


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