Aka Carmen. She's a linguistics professor at PitzerCollege and mainly teaches SocioLinguistics?. Her classes are fun and silly, and she has no filter. Thus, a FunWiki page for quotes.

Quotes while watching Frozen for the first time:

[Following the lyrics And I know it is totally crazy / To dream I'd find romance / But for the first time in forever / At least I've got a chance] "I thought that was going to rhyme with "someone's gonna be in my pants."

[About Anna and Hans] "They're both a little cross-eyed"

"I like leaving the guy in charge of the household while she goes off to take care of business"

[After Hans does the thing] "He's gay."

"They say hypothermia's pretty good. You feel euphoric."

"That's what happens when you fall in love with someone on the first day. At least take the time to Google them!"

Other quotes: "Someone in this class is having sex right now!"

"Switzerland, where they're not killing each other, they're just happily taking everyone else's money in three languages."

"If you're good, maybe I'll let you watch Justin Bieber."

"Let's see if I can find an image of Prince Eric's body."

"Do you want to come live with me and my husband? And I don't mean that in a crazy kinky way."

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