A 300-page book and a 500-page book, each roughly 50% filler by volume, are turned into a 2-hour movie. In this 2-hour movie, Lestat is a Mary Sue vampire whose angstiness causes him to hibernate until he is awakened by the sheer awesomeness of heavy metal. He then becomes a rock star and wakes up Aaliyah, who is the Ur-vampire mother of all vampires and wants to kill all the humans. At this point in the movie, you, the audience, will be ready to kill all humans involved in the making of this film, so you'll be pretty okay with this. The fact that Aaliyah is by far the most attractive person in the movie, even if you are into pale feminine men, also helps.

Aaliyah died during post-production, and her lines were overdubbed by her brother when her original recording wasn't usable. You probably won't notice.

SkyeBerghel: So bad it's pretty bad.

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