An excellent group. Actually, I'm not as familiar with this group as I would like to be. I only own OK Computer and Kid A. They were first popular with the song "Creep" way back before any of us were born. Since then they've released "Paranoid Android" which has a neat video if you get a chance to see it, and they also released "Karma Police", "Exit Music (for a film)" and "No surprises". The last one is also an excellent video, if you get the opportunity to see it, I recommend it. As for Kid A, the music has changed significantly since some of their previous stuff. It's a lot more effects and things produced in the studio, and I think it is excellent. The neatest part about this cd is that it has a hidden compartment that contains an interesting booklet. Their most recent album is called Insomniac and sounds quite a lot like Kid A. The reason for this is that they made Kid A and had a whole bunch of songs left over that didn't fit on the album... so they made them into two albums and just waited before they released Insomniac. --NateCappallo

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