The deep space exploits of the most slobbish human who ever existed (who just happens to be the only one left after a three-million year stay in stasis), his hologrammatic roommate who aspires to be a great general but is actually just a total smeghead, a creature evolved from the ship's cat who has a surprisingly huge amount of vanity, a mechanoid with a head shaped like a chewed up pencil eraser, and the ship's computer who has an IQ of six thousand but can barely count to ten. This show is hilarious, and now that the nightly showings are into the fourth season, we have reached the point where the plots have evolved past "The Odd Couple in Deep Space" into really original ideas that are fantastically enjoyable to watch. Rumors are flying about of a release onto DVD and a movie, but I know that I've heard the movie rumor for at least the last four years, so I don't put any stock in that one.
Seems to have an odd tendency to get shown in giant multi-day (continuios) marathons right around some of the worst crunch times (weekend before week before finals, just prior to presentation days, etc...). And that happens even without the direct attempts by JustinPava!

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