During the Spring of 1999, Etc. Players put on this famous play by Tom Stoppard. Directed by KevinEustice, the show starred:

 ChrisLundberg as Rosencrantz
 AlisonWalker as Guildenstern
 BradReed? as the Player
 KatieWalters? as Ophelia
 MarcyLaViollette as a Tragedian
 AllisonMcCaffrey as a Tragedian
 JanelleJarboe as a Tragedian
 CubeSchnaider as Alfred
 JustinPava as The guy who spent WAY too much time painting those damn brick flats (Oh yeah, and "got" to run the Balch lights, which involved four levers spread out across a 7 foot region everytime the lights went on or off.)

 MikeLane also helped with tech for this show.

(anyone have the full list?) . . .

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