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880 (958)Cook, William WallaceAdrift in the Unknown1
880 (959)Cowan, JamesDaybreak1
880 (960)Cowper, RichardThe Custodians1
880 (961)Cromie, RobertThe Crack of Doom1
880 (962)Crowley, JohnBeasts1
880 (963)Dake, Charles RomynA Strange Discovery1
880 (964)Dann, JackThe Man Who Melted1
880 (965)Davidson, AvramMasters of the Maze1
880 (966)de Camp, L. SpragueRogue Queen1
880 (967)DeFontenay?, C. I.Star, or Psi Cassiopeia1
880 (968)Deighton, LenSS-GB1
880 (969)Dick, Philip K.Clans of the Alphane Moon1
880 (970)Dick, Philip K.Solar Lottery1
880 (971)Dick, Philip K.The Divine Invasion1
880 (972)Doctorow, E. L.Ragtime1
880 (973)Donaldson, StephenLord Foul's Bane, The Illearth War, and The Power That Preserves1
880 (974)Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Doings of Raffles Haw1
880 (975)du Bois, William PèneThe Twenty-One Balloons1
880 (976)Duncan, DavidOccam's Razor1
880 (977)Effinger, George AlecSequels to When Gravity Fails1
880 (978)Elgin, SuzetteNative Tongue1
880 (979)Ellison, HarlanStalking the Nightmare1
880 (980)Ellison, HarlanStrange Wine1
880 (981)Ellison, HarlanThe Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World1
880 (982)Emerson, Willis GeorgeThe Smoky God1
880 (983)Farmer, NancyThe Ear, thhe Eye, and the Arm1
880 (984)Fawcett, EdgarThe Ghost of Guy Thyrle1
880 (985)Flecker, James ElroyThe Last Generation1
880 (986)Flint, Homer EonThe Devolutionist and The Emancipatrix1
880 (987)France, AnatoleThe White Stone1
880 (988)Fuller, Alvarado M.A. D. 20001
880 (989)Gale, ZonaRomance Island1
880 (990)Geston, MarkLords of the Starship1
880 (991)Gibson, WilliamSequels to Neuromancer1
880 (992)Gotschalk, Felix C.Growing Up in Tier 30001
880 (993)Gratacap, Louis PopeThe Certainty of a Future Life on Mars1
880 (994)Gray, AlaisdairPoor Things1
880 (995)Gregory, OwenMeccania1
880 (996)Griffith, Mary"Three Hundred Years Hence"1
880 (997)Grogan, GeraldA Drop in Infinity1
880 (998)Haggard, H. RiderKing Solomon's Mines1
880 (999)Haggard, H. RiderWhen the World Shook1
880 (1000)Haldane, CharlotteMan's World1
880 (1001)Hale, Edward Everett"The Brick Moon"1
880 (1002)Hamilton, EdmundOutside the Universe1
880 (1003)Harness, CharlesThe Ring of Ritornel1
880 (1004)Harrison, HarryWinter in Eden1
880 (1005)Harrison, M. JohnThe Machine in Shaft Ten1
880 (1006)Hawthorne, Nathaniel"The Artist of the Beautiful"1
880 (1007)Hawthorne, Nathaniel"The Birth-Mark"1
880 (1008)Helprin, MarkWinter's Tale1
880 (1009)Herbert, FrankDestination: Void1
880 (1010)Herbert, FrankHellstrom's Hive1
880 (1011)Herbert, FrankThe Santaroga Barrier1
880 (1012)Hilton, JamesLost Horizon1
880 (1013)Hinton, C. H.Scientific Romances, Second Series1
880 (1014)Holland, CeciliaFloating Worlds1
880 (1015)Howard, HaydenThe Eskimo Invasion1
880 (1016)Howard, Robert ErvinConan the Conqueror1
880 (1017)Howells, William DeanBetween the Dark and the Daylight1
880 (1018)Howells, William DeanQuestionable Shapes1
880 (1019)Howells, William DeanThrough the Eye of the Needle1
880 (1020)Hoyne, Thomas TempleIntrigue on the Upper Level1
880 (1021)Johnson, Owen McMahon?The Coming of the Amazons1
880 (1022)Jones, Raymond F.This Island Earth1
880 (1023)Kelly, James PatrickFreedom Beach1
880 (1024)Kelly, James PatrickThink Like a Dinosaur1
880 (1025)King, StephenCarrie1
880 (1026)King, StephenThe Dead Zone1
880 (1027)Kneale, NigelQuatermass and the Pit1
880 (1028)Kneale, NigelThe Quatermass Experiment1
880 (1029)Knight, Damon F.Turning On1
880 (1030)Knox, Ronald A.Memories of the Future1
880 (1031)Knox, Ronald A.Other Eyes Than Ours1
880 (1032)Kornbluth, C.M.Gunner Cade1
880 (1033)Kornbluth, C.M.The Syndic1
880 (1034)Kress, NancyProbability Moon1
880 (1035)Lafferty, R. A.Arrive at Easterwine1
880 (1036)Le Guin, Ursula K.Orsinian Tales1
880 (1037)Le Guin, Ursula K.The Birthday of the World and Other Stories1
880 (1038)Leiber, FritzA Specter Is Haunting Texas1
880 (1039)Leiber, FritzThe Green Millenium1
880 (1040)Leinster, MurraySidewise in Time1
880 (1041)Lem, StanislawThe Invincible1
880 (1042)L'Engle, MadeleineSequels to A Wrinkle in Time1
880 (1043)Lessing, DorisSequels to Shikasta1
880 (1044)Lessing, DorisThe Marriage Between Zones Three, Four and Five1
880 (1045)Lloyd, John UriEtidorpha1
880 (1046)Lupoff, RichardSpace War Blues1
880 (1047)Malzberg, BarryBest of Barry Malzberg1
880 (1048)Malzberg, BarryCross of Fire1
880 (1049)Mann, PhilipMaster of Paxwax1
880 (1050)Mann, PhilipThe Eye of the Queen1
880 (1051)Mann, PhilipThe Fall of the Families1
880 (1052)Martin, George R. R.A Song for Lya1
880 (1053)Marvell, AndrewMinimum Man1
880 (1054)Maurois, AndréThe Next Chapter: The War against the Moon1
880 (1055)Mayne, WilliamSequels to Earthfasts1
880 (1056)McCaffrey?, AnneMoreta, Dragonlady of Pern1
880 (1057)McDermot?, MurtaghA Trip to the Moon1
880 (1058)McDevitt?, JackThe Hercules Text1
880 (1059)McDonald?, IanRiver of Gods1
880 (1060)McHugh?, VincentCaleb Catlum's America1
880 (1061)McIntyre?, Vonda N.The Exile Waiting1
880 (1062)McIntyre?, Vonda N.The Moon and the Sun1
880 (1063)Melville, Herman"The Bell-Tower"1
880 (1064)Merril, JudithDaughters of Earth1
880 (1065)Merril, JudithOutpost Mars1
880 (1066)Merritt, A.The Face in the Abyss1
880 (1067)Merritt, A.The Fox Woman and Other Stories1
880 (1068)Merritt, A.The Ship of Ishtar1
880 (1069)Miller, Water M., Jr.The View from the Stars1
880 (1070)Milne, Robert D.Into the Sun & Other Stories1
880 (1071)Mitchell, Edward PageThe Crystal Man1
880 (1072)Mitchell, John AmesThe Last American1
880 (1073)Moorcock, MichaelAn Alien Heat1
880 (1074)Moore, C. L.Doomsday Morning1
880 (1075)Moore, C. L.Judgment Night1
880 (1076)Moore, C. L.Shambleau1
880 (1077)Moore, WardGreener Than You Think1
880 (1078)Morrow, JamesTowing Jehovah and sequels1
880 (1079)Moskowitz, SamScience Fiction by Gaslight1
880 (1080)Murray, GilbertGobi or Shamo1
880 (1081)Newcomb, SimonHis Wisdom, the Defender1
880 (1082)Niven, LarryFootfall1
880 (1083)Niven, LarryProtector1
880 (1084)Niven, LarrySequels to Ringworld1
880 (1085)Noon, JeffVurt1
880 (1086)O'Brien, Fitz-JamesSupernatural Tales of Fitz-James O'Brien1
880 (1087)O'Brien, Fitz-James"What Was It?"1
880 (1088)Orwell, GeorgeAnimal Farm1
880 (1089)Palmer, David R.Emergence1
880 (1090)Pangborn, EdgarWest of the Sun1
880 (1091)Phillips, MarkBrain Twister1
880 (1092)Poe, Edgar Allan"A Tale of the Ragged Mountains"1
880 (1093)Poe, Edgar Allan"The Murders in the Rue Morgue"1
880 (1094)Poe, Edgar AllanThe Works of the Late Edgar Allan Poe1
880 (1095)Pohl, FrederikStarchild Trilogy1
880 (1096)Powers, TimThe Dream Archipelago1
880 (1097)Preuss, PaulBroken Symmetries1
880 (1098)Priest, ChristopherThe Perfect Lover (A Dream of Wessex)1
880 (1099)Reeve, Arthur BenjaminThe Poisoned Pen1
880 (1100)Rice, AnneInterview with a Vampire1
880 (1101)Roberts, KeithThe Grain Kings1
880 (1102)Roberts, KeithThe Lordly Ones1
880 (1103)Robertson, Eileen ArbuthnotThree Came Unarmed1
880 (1104)Russell, Eric FrankMen, Martians and Machines1
880 (1105)Saberhagen, FredThe Veils of Azleroc1
880 (1106)Sanders, LawrenceThe Tomorrow File1
880 (1107)Sawyer, Robert J.Calculating God1
880 (1108)Sawyer, Robert J.Sequels to Hominids1
880 (1109)Schuyler, George SamuelsBlack No More1
880 (1110)Senarans, LuisThe Frank Reade Library1
880 (1111)Serviss, Garrett P.The Moon Metal1
880 (1112)Shaw, BobThe Ragged Astronauts and sequels1
880 (1113)Shaw, BobThe Two-Timers1
880 (1114)Shea, MichaelNifft the Lean1
880 (1115)Sheckley, RobertCan You Feel Anything When I Do This?1
880 (1116)Sheckley, RobertThe Collected Short Stories1
880 (1117)Sheffield, CharlesThe Web between the Worlds1
880 (1118)Shiel, M.P.The Lord of the Sea1
880 (1119)Silverberg, RobertHawksbill Station1
880 (1120)Silverberg, RobertLord Valentine's Castle1
880 (1121)Silverberg, RobertSon of Man1
880 (1122)Silverberg, RobertTom o'Bedlam1
880 (1123)Simak, CliffordA Heritage of Stars1
880 (1124)Simak, CliffordGoblin Reservation1
880 (1125)Simak, CliffordSkirmish: The Great Short Fiction1
880 (1126)Simak, CliffordThe Worlds of Clifford Simak1
880 (1127)Simak, CliffordTime and Again1
880 (1128)Simmons, DanEndymion and The Rise of Endymion1
880 (1129)Simmons, DanIlium and sequel1
880 (1130)Sladek, JohnKeep the Giraffe Burning1
880 (1131)Sladek, JohnTik-Tok1
880 (1132)Sloane, WilliamTo Walk the Night1
880 (1133)Smith, E. E.Galactic Patrol1
880 (1134)Smith, E. E.Triplanetary1
880 (1135)Soldati, MarioThe Emerald1
880 (1136)Stableford, BrianThe Fountains of Youth1
880 (1137)Stableford, BrianThe Omega Expedition1
880 (1138)Stableford, BrianThe Walking Shadow1
880 (1139)Sturgeon, TheodoreThe Complete Short Stories1
880 (1140)Swann, Thomas BurnettThe Iron Dragon's Daughter1
880 (1141)Sweven, GodfreyRialla1
880 (1142)Taine, JohnSeeds of Life1
880 (1143)Taine, JohnThe Crystal Horde1
880 (1144)Temple, William F.The Fleshpots of Sansato1
880 (1145)Tenn, WilliamComplete Science Fiction of William Tenn1
880 (1146)Tiptree, JamesBrightness Falls from the Air1
880 (1147)Tolkien, J. R. R.The Lord of the Rings1
880 (1148)Tsiolkovski, KonstantinBeyond the Planet Earth1
880 (1149)Turner, GeorgeGenetic Soldier1
880 (1150)Turner, GeorgeThe Sea and the Summer1
880 (1151)Turtledove, HarryA Different Flesh1
880 (1152)Van Scyoc, SydneyCloudcry1
880 (1153)van Vogt, A. E.The Worlds of A. E. van Vogt1
880 (1154)Varley, JohnWizard1
880 (1155)VercorsSylva1
880 (1156)Verne, JulesAll around the Moon1
880 (1157)Verne, JulesAround the World in Eighty Days1
880 (1158)Verne, JulesCastle of the Carpathians1
880 (1159)Verne, JulesFive Weeks in a Balloon1
880 (1160)Verne, JulesPropeller Island1
880 (1161)Verne, JulesRobur the Conqueror and sequel1
880 (1162)Verne, JulesSequel to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea1
880 (1163)Verne, JulesThe Adventures of Captain Hatteras1
880 (1164)Verne, JulesThe Begum's Fortune1
880 (1165)Verne, JulesYesterday and Tomorrow1
880 (1166)Vidal, GoreKalki1
880 (1167)Villiers de l'Isle Adam, JeanTomorrow's Eve1
880 (1168)Vinge, VernorTrue Names1
880 (1169)Waldrop, HowardHoward Who?1
880 (1170)Wallace, IanCroyd1
880 (1171)Waterloo, StanleyArmageddon1
880 (1172)Watkins, William JonThe Centrifugal Rickshaw Dancer1
880 (1173)Watson, IanAlien Embassy1
880 (1174)Watson, IanSlow Birds and Other Stories1
880 (1175)Wells, H.G.The World Set Free1
880 (1176)West, JulianMy Afterdream1
880 (1177)Wilhelm, KateAnd the Angels Sing1
880 (1178)Wilhelm, KateChildren of the Wind1
880 (1179)Willis, ConnieTo Say Nothing of the Dog1
880 (1180)Wilson, ColinThe Philosopher's Stone1
880 (1181)Wingrove, DavidChung Kuo series1
880 (1182)Wolfe, GeneEndangered Species1
880 (1183)Wolfe, GeneFree Live Free1
880 (1184)Womack, JackTerraplane1
880 (1185)Wyndham, JohnOut of the Depths1
880 (1186)Yefremov, Ivan AntonovichAndromeda1
880 (1187)Zebrowski, GeorgeBrute Orbits1
880 (1188)Zelazney, RogerEye of Cat1

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