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Baby You're Making Me Hard... Taco

A lone boy unicycled away into the night, but another figure was soon seen to be chasing him.

“WAIT, ADAM!” the running figure cried, “You don’t have to leave! I’ll love you regardless of what you have to tell me!”

“Not this,” the unicycle made a u-turn, and Adam’s voice carried further than one would expect, “I don’t know anyone who could accept this.”

“I could,” the other boy caught up, his hair almost lying flat as it dripped rain, managing to make it to where Adam sat, cycling in place. This was impressive considering the number of concrete walls that had stood between them.

“Hot dog!” Adam said, brightening up, “Allllllright,” and he disembarked his unicycle.

Michael stood shivering until Adam approached him, and shared his body warmth.

“Adam!” Michael was suddenly shocked, “Are you… hard?”

“Worse,” Adam looked down mournfully, as his hands became crunchy, “I’m a hard taco. Or rather, a weretaco…”

His words trailed off as his head also turned into part of the giant taco shell now standing in front of Michael.

“Oh no,” Michael looked down at the taco shell, glad it had stopped raining at least. That would have made Adam soggy…

But there might be a worse fate in store for his… friend. The more Michael looked at the saddle-point in front of him, the more his mouth began to water. Hard shell tacos were his favorite, and the thought that this one was Adam, well… it may have been wrong, but that made it seem all the more delicious.

He fell on his knees, ignoring the way the damp grass clung to his jeans. He tried to scramble away from the temptation, but…

When he looked down again, he saw only salt on his hands, and no taco.


He stared up at the full moon. If only he’d had more self-restraint… perhaps he could have just eaten part? Adam may have been missing a limb when he returned, he may have been unable to ride a unicycle, but at least Michael would no longer be alone. And the worst was still yet to come, after all… The curse of the weretaco is transmitted… by biting a weretaco.


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