(Disclaimer) This ruleset was created independently of SuiteBetrayal and is in no way affiliated with them or other uses of the term SettlersOfRoomDraw. Any similarity to other versions of Settlers, living or dead, is purely coincidental. It has never actually been playtested. May contain balance issues, omissions, nuts, dairy products, and soy. For entertainment purposes only. (/Disclaimer?)

Players: Best with 3, works with 4.

Map: Each dorm is a hex; so is each building in Ac End. Each building is adjacent to the ones on either side, but a strip of desert runs down the middle. Ports are on the outside edges.

18 buildings altogether (counting Galileo).



Special Cards:

The Troll: Starts on desert, on a 7 moves to a dorm. Stops resource production, allows 2 stolen resources, everyone with 12 or more resources in hand must discard half.


Winning: 1st player to reach 18 credits.

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