FilkSong of Clocks by Coldplay. By AdamField.

 As you get near the speed of light, 
 Physics starts to get quite messed up, 
 I get down upon my knees
 Prof, oh will you pass me please?

 Cryin', homework's from things unsaid
 In lecture, and it kills my head, 
 And our prof really can't explain;
 Please don't make me check my grade. 


 Confusion never stops
 Shrinking sticks and slowing clocks
 Gonna, get help on problem sets, 
 I'll fail my quizzes and my tests, 
 speedin', as you get close to c, 

 you deal with relativity. 
 Will I have to retake this class,
 Or will I get a C or D?

 Oh physics is a bear,
 Its work makes me dispair,
 But I really don't care

 D V over squaring of c
 D V over squaring of c
 D V over squaring of c
 D V over squaring of c

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