Smoof. a supposedly meaningless term used as a general statement about anything. often found in the form "Smoof, eh." the proper response to a Smoof is "indeed."

It is also a *really* good word for charades...

There are 17 holy names of Smoof. "Smoof" is to be worshipped by all, but only a few initiates may even know the others, and they may not be spoken except by LucasBaker, KurtDresner, and CubeSchnaider, the high priests of Smoof. these holy names were once inscribed upon the holy Smoofstick, a relic which has been lost in the mists of time. actually, it is lost in LucasBaker's boxes of crap.

there are also numerous common names of Smoof, to be applied under certain circumstances. Smeebleborf may be spoken on sunday, and is in fact the proper sunday form of Smoof. to use this name on a day other than sunday is heresy, and punishable by annoyed looks from the high priests.

the genealogy of smoof:

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