Frosh don't know this story, so I'm putting it on here. --SkyeBerghel

One day, ProfessorMike learned that Pomona had a rack of 20 Sun servers. Mike thought it would be cool for the CS department to acquire that rack of Sun servers, because it might be "useful or cool or something, I don't know". As it turns out, the Sun server rack required a 220V outlet in order to be plugged in and actually work. This voltage is the standard in Mozambique, but not in the United States. Since the cost of hiring an electrician was more than the servers were worth (all together, the servers as a cluster could probably provide a whopping 800 MHz of computing power), the servers were put in the CsGraveyard? in the summer of 2010, along with the server rack.

At which point, an enterprising group of FrOsh took out all the servers from the rack and took the rack back to their dorm to use it as a smoker, because "You could hang a whole hog in here!"

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