The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

A very silly satire/homage based on the 60's Jay Ward Cartoon. The characters are dead-on and we almost forget that the Pottsylvanian trio are played by big-name actors. The plot, however implausible, is essentially a self-aware parody of itself (does that make any sense) that's full of biting satire of American culture. After all, the idea of Fearless Leader's evil scheme is that since Americans are addicted to bad TV shows like Jerry Springer, Baywatch, etc. then REALLY bad shows (all starring Pottsylvanian spies) will literally turn them into zombies. The integration of animation with live-action is pretty well-done and convincing, but not very complex. Unlike the toons in Roger Rabbit, who in every shot were carrying around real guns, puffing real cigars, and smashing real plates against their heads, Moose and Squirrel have pretty minimal interaction with real-life objects, so there aren't any "Wow, how did they do that?!" scenes. Overall an amusing flick, but not a quality film.


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