The Mcgregor Center is the ComputerScience building at HarveyMuddCollege, and is known by students as "Greg." The start of this hypocorism is largely attributed to KyraClark, with an email which was sent out shortly after they broke ground for the new building. Email evidence can be found [here].

KyraClark July 19, 2019:

Change is on the horizon. Construction has begun on the new McGregor? Computer Science Center, and with that comes new opportunities. This is our chance to shape the culture of Mudd with our own hands. It is our duty to use this power for good. When the R. Michael Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning was first erected, did they call it “The R. Michael Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning”? No! This building was called “Shan”.

Therefore, The Mcgregor Computer Science Center shall henceforth be known as “Greg.” Furthermore, if there’s a large lecture hall, it shall be called “Big Greg.” And the second floor shall be known as “The High Ground.”[1]

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Kyra “Oh hey, what class are you going to?” Clark Kyra “I’m heading to Greg 204” Clark Kyra “Nice! Is that on the High Ground?” Clark Kyra “Yea” Clark

[1] DillonCoville, HowardDeshong, et al.

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