When inspiration strikes, how dare you refuse?

A somewhat darker parody dealing with a common fear.

A FilkSong.

to the tune of Simon and Garfunkle's "The Boxer"

 I was once a Sophomore,
 Now my story's often told
 I have squandered my old brilliance
 For a pocketful of Frosh Chem
 And symposia,
 Sleep-dep and Stems!
 Still a man learns what he wants to learn
 And tunes out once again.

 When I left my home and my family
 I could show a manic joy
 In the company of kindred,
 In the bustle of the rowdy meeting
 Shouting dares.
 Carried low, taking to the waiting showers
 Where the dragged people go                          [1]
 In so short a space I'm soaking head to toe.

Lie la Lie...

 Asking for a week's extension
 I come looking for a prof
 But I get no offers
 Just a come-on from the thralls in Gallieo           [2]
 I do declare, there were times when I felt so broken
 I took some comfort there.

Lie la Lie...

 Then I'm staying up through morning fog
 And wishing I was gone
 Going home
 Where the brutal hours of midnight aren't cheating me,
 Fleetingly, going home.

 In the courtyard stands a Mudder,
 A deriver by his trade;
 But he carries the reminders
 Of every course that he laid down
 Or cut until he cried out
 When he saw his GPA,
 "I am leaving, I am leaving"
 But the Mudder still remains.

Lie la Lie . . .

[1] Pronounced "dragg-ED" to fit the meter.

[2] Alcoholic version for dorms other than East (courtesy of JoshMiddendorf): "Just a come-on from the hordes at LongTallGlasses"

And if you wanna know who to blame, look no further than WillShipley.

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