The Nap Game is a game for 2 or more players. The purpose of The Nap Game is ostensibly to take a nap.

The rules of the Nap Game are as follows:

1. If you fall asleep, you win.

2. If you do not fall asleep, you win!

The implication in the second rule being, of course, that if you're not sleeping you're doing something more entertaining. It is possible, however, to lose by getting up and leaving.

Though some would say that getting up and leaving is the only way to win.

Actually, none would say that. Because if they did, then they weren't really playing the game in the first place.

--- I think that the only way to lose the Nap Game is to fail to fall asleep and fail to not fall asleep. Trust that I've seen it happen, at least for quite a while. Leaving the Nap Game is a great way to win, because you get to be all high and mighty afterward, and you get to tell everyone what you saw. --JohnWalseth

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