I feel the current through my toes
 Gentle eddies flow and flow
 Awash with silt and sand and grime
 All carried away in the stream of time

 Blacks and white and shades of grey
 Give no hint which way they lay
 For in the stream its grey they mime
 Caught up in the stream of time

 Slowly rocking memories
 Torrential rapids, enemies
 All merged together, discordant rhyme
 Help to form the stream of time

 Leave the stream and feel the bliss
 Destroyed by a raindrop's gentle kiss
 Washed back towards banks of thyme
 Forever trapped in the stream of time

 Flail my arms in its icy streams
 I cannot fight its recurrent dreams
 Doomed to remember all my crimes
 Held within the stream of time

 When our souls leave their pen
 Float we will as dead men
 Carried down into the sea
 Lost forever in eternity

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