Sanam Luang Cafe (often called "the Thai place" by HarveyMudders) is located on Indian Hill Boulevard. The food is (of course) Thai, and includes very good noodles and soups. It is also cheap, making it a near-ideal college FoodPlace. It loses points for needing a car to get there and closing during the night.

Quality of food is inversely related to the health rating. Note that even though they have an "A" now, it's still pretty darn good.

A favorite off-campus FoodPlace for many Claremont students.

Mmmm... ambrosia...

The menu is very similar to that of Big Bowl Cafe.

Big Bowl cafe is a horrible, horrible attempt at being "the Thai Place" that has lured in many HarveyMudders with its promises of delivery.

Au contraire, Big Bowl Cafe is a wonderful wonderful idea, because HarveyMudders now have a choice between quality and convenience, at the same prices.

And Big Bowl's not that bad.

No, it really is. Really...

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