Tick, tock
 Infernal clock
 No way for
 Its gears to lock
 Always turning
 Always counting
 Out of time
 Of life, its bounty

 Tick, tock
 Eternal clock
 Gears click
 And pendulums lock
 Smash the face
 The hands still turn
 Leave well alone
 The world still burns

 Tick, tock
 Evil clock
 Steal away
 Our protective rock
 Loved ones go
 Before their time
 Abrupt departures
 W'out reason nor rhyme

 Tick, tock
 Iron smock
 Wrapped in chains
 Key and lock
 Man tries to reach
 Forbidden heavens
 Over the backs
 Of his brethen

 Tick, tock
 Stubborn flock
 Man's mortality 
 His final shock
 With death approach
 A change from strife
 Try to savor
 All from life

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