News: There is a website you can visit: http://www.veganerotica.com/ where you can buy vegan condoms and bondage gear. The market is growing.

As many of you already know, KimEspinoza's big retirement plan for when she is really old is to start up a vegan sex shoppe. Here are some of the things that would be in her store. There will be a Kim-approved list and another list where you can add your suggestions. If I approve of your suggestions, I will move them over to the Kim-approved list.

News: the shoppe will be plush and serve vegan chocolate fondue with strawberries and other seasonal fruits.


 Non-dairy whipped cream
 Vegan edible underwear/tatoos
 Vegan edible body paint
 Synthetic leather products/clothing
 Much vinyl and fetish gear
 Synthetic whips
 Vegan pasta body parts
 Vegan jello (yes, this does exist) and body part jello molds
 Vegan "lovesticks"
 Quality vibrators and associated merchandise
 Videos, magazines, and quality adult literature
 Erotic cakes, like the shop in Portland, but 100% vegan ingredients
 Massage Oil
 Vegan Condoms (like no milk products in the spermicide)
 Non-Latex Condoms (for the allergically challenged)

Yet to be approved:


 pogo sticks, the vegan kind.

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