Venus de Mudd is the nickname for the lovely lady who bravely stands nude in the KoiPond? (Koi Fountain?) in HixonCourt?, where she is ogled by a varying number of gargoyles who are believed to reflect TheRatio (male-to-female, at Mudd).

There's a funny prank story handed down from AncientMyth involves Venus de Mudd: Apparently once upon a night, the bust of Seeley G. Mudd in Gallileo Foyer climbed out of its little niche and took a little stroll out into Hixon Court to pay Venus a visit of the, um, romantic persuasion. Or at least that's what the footprints (and handprints) leading from the niche to Venus on her pedestal suggested the next morning.

It is widely believed that ProfessorSu is actually a fountain gargoyle. One of the gargoyles disappeared shortly before Su supposedly arrived at Mudd. ProfessorSu even has [a suspicious picture] on the math department's web server:

Later a new gargoyle was hired to replace him in his fountain duties.

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