All encompassing
 Destroying life
 Obscuring Truth

 A pinprick
 A tiny point
 A small pinnacle of light
 Destroyer of the destroyer
 Toucher of the untouchable
 Banishing the black
 The wall
 The curtain
 The veil

 The truth
 Just a glimpse
 But perhaps enough
 To see what is under the evil
 To see the nature of the human soul
 In this foul pit
 This abyss of darkness

 Voices in the shadows
 Voices calling to me
 Calling my name
 But they melt with the shadows
 They evaporate into the light
 Disappear into the air 
 And leave nothing
 Nothing but their lonely corner
 That barren place near the wall where they lived
 Tormenting me
 Pestering me 
 Tempting me
 Urging me
 Persuading me
 Demanding of me

 But then the light came
 A spot of hope in the darkness
 And revealed the darkness
 The voices
 The Pain
 The Path

 In each corner i find nothing 
 Each voice disappears in turn
 Each crevice i find empty
 Each voice without truth
 And each path without guide
 I am alone
 Here in this abyss
 This blackness
 This pit of despair
 I hold aloft hope 
 And I despair
 I am scared 
 Scared and alone
 And I cannot take the last path
 I hear nothing
 Nothing but silence
 I liked the voices
 The comfort
 The cushion
 The abidication of responsibility
 Of morality
 Of choice
 I liked the safety
 Liked being like everyone else
 But there is no one to be like

 I sit 
 Sit and stare
 At the path without end
 At the empty corners
 At the tiny flame
 And wish for the darkness
 The unconsciousness
 The voices

 And I turn
 Blow out the flame
 And let the voices return

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